Love Never Fades People Do

Mexico Double Exposures By Daniel Malka

Destiny has its way brings together paths, regardless of time and distance.
It often whispers silently in our ears, in a language that the present can barely understand, as we listen to too many parasites.

“Double Exposures From The Shadow Of Time”, merges images, thoughts and feelings from different times, the beginning and the end, united on a canvas of memories, immortalized with the light of fearless and unconditional  tenderness.

Its a tale in a surrealistic land that marries, fear and courage, the strong and the vulnerable,  love and grief, past and present, happiness and tears, secrecy and revelation, beauty and the absurd, nature and art, music and silence, cold and warmth, innocence and knowledge, the pure and the lost, reality and dream, all in absolute peace and serenity.

Under the heavy tropical rains, Edward James (an art lover, wealthy Englishman) dream gardens and mazes stand tall in the middle of Central Mexico’s tropical jungle for over fifty years now.

It was the perfect setting, for the conclusion of the tale  “En La Sombra Del Tiempo”.
The kingdom of a sometimes real and sometimes imagined Princess, nevertheless a Princess, standing in the light of her future, while I observed from the shadow cast by time.

As absurd as time itself, it’s shadow and Mr. James staircases leading to nowhere, I discovered that in the shadow of time, love and humanism are as pure, gentle, unconditional  and fearless, as if they were seen and felt once again trough a child’s heart and eyes.

A soundtrack by Paul simon was an inspiration to this body of work as much as time and distance were.
I can still hear the drizzle of the it went on for days.
Nunca el olvido.

Copyright© All rights reserved, Daniel Malka, 2010-2011

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